Cody Sharpe for St. Joseph County Commissioner 


First thing when elected I am going to with fellow commissioners is evaluate the budget and find out how much we can start allocating from the general budget/delinquent tax fund each year towards the roads.

Second, I want to change the time of the county commission meeting to either 6 or 6:30 where more citizens have the chance to attend. I will also vote to extend the 3 minute time limit for public comment to 5 minutes and you will only have to state your name and city. Also currently the county performs many decisions during the executive committee meeting, this will no longer happen, while it is allowed under Michigan law, not that many of our residents can attend and this is where the real policy making happens.

Third, I want to help Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services get the funding and help they need. While several departments and commissions in this county are getting updates, DASAS is not getting the proper support it needs.

Fourth, I want to make Caroyln Grace with the Conservation District full-time, this is due to the fact that the St. Joseph River is actually the 3rd most polluted river in the Great Lakes Watershed. As agriculture and tourism are important to our county's economy, we need to make sure the river is clean for both purposes.

Fifth, the Sheriff's Department and Emergency Management want to upgrade our radio system for police, fire, and EMS. They want to bring us to the Statewide 800 mhz system, which will improve communication in our county, as right now public safety officials are having trouble communicating with each other and as a firefighter, I understand the importance of quick and clear communication.

Sixth, while this list is not in an importance order, this one is actually towards the top of importance, veterans. I want to work with Stoney Summey and Veteran Services to make sure that all of our veterans in this county have a job, a place to live, and the proper mental/health care that they deserve! We are quick to send these brave men and women into war but not so quick to help when they come back. My wife and I have personally lost friends that committed suicide because they were not receiving the help they needed.